Selective Laser Melting – industrial metal 3D printing machines

Innovative 3D printers allowing to obtain details from metallic materials such as stainless steel, tool steel, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys.

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01 Advantages

  • Patented unidirectional feeder movement – the fastest system in its class
  • LSR – patented layer filling control system, allows to obtain maximum density.
  • Innovative 3D optics
  • Patented safety filter system and high efficiency in protective gas consumption, due to internal recirculation of inert gas in laminar flow.
  • As standard leading rapid mock-up software for processing CAD/STL data files, which is also used for slitting into layers and ancillary production.
  • The open architecture of the software, including module for updating material database, allows the user to modify system parameters depending on the particular production requirements.
  • Extremely user-friendly operation, regardless of technical parameters.

02 Application

  • Parts made with the incremental method can be used as: machine parts, elements of mould or die surface, and implants.
  • 3D metal printing is used in industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, medical and dental.

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