temperature controllers

Professional temperature controller with a range of 6 to 128 control zones, and with own display windows. Stable, safe operation with hot runners systems.

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01 Advantages

  • User-friendly interface
  • Verification of correct connection of thermocouples and heaters
  • “Soft start” and temperature ramp
  • STANDBY and BOOST functions
  • Recording and playback of set-up programs
  • Controller communication with the service via Internet for quick problem identification
  • Compatible with Type J thermocouples (also with Type K thermocouples on request)
  • Data transfer possible via USB connections
  • 3 access levels
  • Easy-to-change 16A FF fuses
  • Temperature calibration with an accuracy of +/- 0.1C.
  • Alarm outputs
  • Programmable responses to alarms during operation
  • Configuring the power limit for mould cavities and manifolds
  • Heater load resistance measurable to 1Ω.
  • Support for heaters up to 15A per zone
  • Possibility to set automatic and manual PID, including D-term

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