Promix static mixers

Static mixers (mixing nozzles) are an easy-to-install solution that ensures a perfectly homogeneous material and eliminates most of the problems associated with a moulded piece quality.

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01 Functions

optimal injection process

• savings of dyes and additives
• reduction of cycle time
• elimination of defects
• possibility to use more milled material

optimal extrusion process

• homogeneous temperature distribution
• low pressure drops
• savings of dyes and additives
• constant film thickness

02 Advantages

  • Elimination of stains and streaks on a moulded piece
  • Reduction of unwanted effects
  • Lower dye consumption (by 15 to 25%, depending on the used type and colour)
  • Increased process stability
  • Increased processing capacity
  • Easy to keep clean

03 Consulting

Mixing nozzles eliminate many common process quality problems. Specific solutions require specialized selection of mixers in terms of design and geometry. We provide expert advice to ensure the right choice.

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