We offer product development from design to the finished product. It includes the design and manufacture of injection mould, optimisation of the workpiece and the mould for performance and production of plastic workpieces.

Being experienced representatives of the plastics processing industry equipment manufacturers, we cooperate with our customers at every stage of their particular solution implementation, offering expert knowledge. We conduct an audit and detailed feasibility study. As well as simulations of the injection process, manage the implementation of complete production lines, and their further development, and integration with industrial automation.

We work closely with medical, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries.

We have software – NX 10 for designing injection moulds and for CAM.

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01 Machine park

roboty linearne

CNC 3-axis machining centre

DMC 1,150 V  
X/Y/Z 1150/700/550

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CNC 5-axis machining centre

OPS Ingersoll SPEED HAWK 650
With machinable graphite electrodes
X/Y/Z 650/550/450

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CNC 5-axis machining centre

OPS Ingesoll SPEED HAWK 550
With option of titanium processing
X/Y/Z 550/400/400

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CNC 5-axis machining centre

X/Y/Z 950/850/650

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Surface grinder

X/Y/Z 1100/450/400IXION IA 1TL

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Drilling machine

X/Y/Z 200/300/250
Zakres średnic fi 0,4-3,0

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EDM die-sinking machine

OPS Ingersoll GANTRY EAGLE 500
X/Y/Z 520/350/280

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Wire cutting machine WEDM

X/Y/Z 600/400/300

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CNC lathe

Dmax fi 40

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CNC 3-axis machining centre

X/Y/Z 1300/700/670

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CNC 3-axis machining centre

X/Y/Z 800/540/620

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CNC deep-hole drilling machine

Dmax/Lmax  fi16/600

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Dry ice cleaning machine

Cold Jet i3 MicroClean

Our team consists of experienced designers, we also regularly cooperate with external specialists
in the field of mould design.

We have a fully equipped and self-sufficient tool room, where modern numerically controlled machines are used, including three 5-axis milling centres. We use Haidenhain, Andron, Fanuc software and 3D measuring machine.

We specialize in moulds for the medical and automotive industries, and for manufacturing hot runner systems and hot halves.

Precisely planned work enables strict quality control at every stage of machining (detailed progress reporting).

Our sample projects

02 Tool services

We provide service machining, special instruments, and graphite electrodes.

roboty linearne

Quick-clamping tops for CNC machining – Jigs

Elektrody - Obróbka HSM 3 i 5-osiowa elektrod grafitowych do EDM w systemie EROWA

Electrodes – 3 and 5 axis HSM machining of graphite electrodes for EDM in EROWA system

Wiercenie głębokich otworów - Lmax=600  Dmax=16

Deep hole drilling – Lmax=600 Dmax=16

03 Quality control

Quality control takes place at every stage of production, from the acceptance of the first good piece to the release of workpieces for shipment.

ISO 9001 and IATF 16949

Production according to GMP

Zeiss Contura 3D measuring machine

To schedule a consultation with our representative, please contact us.

Produkcja narzędziowa i wtryskowa

Tool making and injection moulding

Norbert Kowalkowski

+48 725 545 005

Asystentka Kierownika Projektu

Assistant Project Manager

Beata Anczarska

+48 725 404 014