pressure sensors – molding monitoring

The main profile of Cavity Eye is cavity pressure measuring in injection molds and the production monitoring. Our products offer a helping hand in injection molding technology by measuring the pressure inside the mold cavity.

Using our production monitoring system, the product quality inspection is guaranteed without a single interaction required.

We are dedicated to improving injection molding technology, put a great emphasis on research and development and brand-new innovations.

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01 Cavity Eye Technology

  • “Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so” – Galileo Galilei
  • COPQ – reduce the planned cost and make the unexpected cost plannable
  • Short shot separation in multi cavity mould
  • Successful mould trial, transfer, and validation
  • Successful production start-up
  • Machine independent optimised and controlled process
  • Data driven decision making – Troubleshooting and process analysis

02 News

Waterflow monitoring
– available from January 2023

  • Supervising the cooling of the mould
  • With the system we can check the temperature, the pressure, flow rate of the cooling

Network solutions and Alerting
– available from January 2023

  • Data visualisation
  • Alarm and notification
  • Process analysis
  • Reporting

– available from 2023 Q2

  • 5 days long training at our Hungarian Training Center in English language
  • For every professional in the field of injection moulding; from beginner level to experienced professionals
  • Participants gain knowledge in topics like material, machine, mould, and technology

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