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The German company Simcon’s CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software enables simulation and analysis of the injection moulding process for thermoplastics and rubber. Ideal for part designers, mould builders and technologists.

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01 Functions

  • Supports design and construction process
  • Saves time and costs
  • Reduces number of corrections
  • Helps to eliminate defects (air bubbles, burn marks, shrinkage cavities, uneven plastic distribution, bond lines, mould cavity repacking, incomplete filling, shrinkage/warping, twist, uneven cooling)

02 Advantages

  • Shortest simulation time among the CAE software for injection moulding processes
  • High accuracy of calculations
  • Modular structure – adaptation of software functionality to actual needs
  • Ability to import models into Cadmould, regardless of the CAD environment in which a workpiece was designed
  • 7,500 items in the material database
  • The only tool compatible with Varimos software process optimization

We also offer VARIMOS software dedicated to DOE.

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